Double U[rself]

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Harlan Ellison. 
Photography by Michael Ostermann. 
Erika Linder. 
Man Ray of Lee Miller, 1929. 
Nick Knight. 
Wallace Berman. 
Anna and Bernhard Blume. 20th century. 

Fucking eye candy.
K.D. Lang. 

In the age of fast fashion, the demand for one-of-a-kind showpiece garments is as precious as ever. One of the most wearable options for this kind of investment is knitwear. Joining the likes of Mark Fast, Craig Lawrence, and Sandra Backlund, Eleanor Amoroso is the latest novelty knitwear designer pushing boundaries when it comes to materials and technique. Steadily climbing up the ranks in the incubator that is London, Amoroso is having her turn, and in this go around, macramé knitting takes the spotlight. (via Eleanor Amoroso F/W 2012 | Trendland: Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine)